Tips For Opening a Children’s Boutique

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Some people are obsessed with fashion and open up their own clothing boutiques. But some people are expressly interested in children’s clothing. Kids’ clothes can be so cute and boutique clothing is becoming increasingly popular with young parents. They see their child as a reflection of themselves. In today’s world of clothing and identity going hand in hand, parents are looking to make sure that their children are as stylish as they are. Children’s clothes sell all year long. Seasonal spikes are bound to happen, but kids are always outgrowing clothes. They have weddings to go to, birthday parties, they need church clothes, and school clothes. There are so many opportunities to sell to the same customer over and over. Plus, a lot of your advertising should be done for you. Parents talk, create networks, and support groups. They are eager to let each other know about special deals, the latest in baby gear, and that cute little boutique where Abby got that adorable watermelon dress. Parents are more likely to go out of their way to buy clothing for their kids than they are for themselves. Parents love to make their kids stand out in the crowd so that they can brag and hear all the “ooohs” and “ahhhs” going around the room. When you decide to open a children’s boutique, make sure that you keep all of these things in mind. A parent buying a dress for a little girl looks for a lot of things. The style has to be cute, unique, well-made, and they may want to personalize. Having an embroidery service to work with can bring in lots of extra cash. You can offer special items that are meant for monogramming. Some parents may be interested in airbrushing or having their child’s name painted or screen printed on certain things. Make sure that you establish good working relationships with the companies that you will use if you offer these services. Set up the store to show parents that you have the unique items that they are after. One good move is to have your baby clothes facing out towards the customer. Don’t cram them and hide their details by using all round garment racks in your boutique. Use a flat retail display, like slatwall, so that people can easily browse your products. You can use slatwall panels to create free-standing displays as well. This is helpful in a boutique because you can change the shape and size very easily. Slatwall accessories are easy to manipulate to create that special slatwall display that is sure to help you make a name for yourself. Last but not least, be considerate of parents’ needs. Leave enough room between your displays so that parents can fit strollers through. Provide a lot of seating throughout for women that are pregnant. Strategically place activity tables for children near displays that you want parents to stop and look at. Clearly label restrooms or areas where mothers can nurse. These few things will keep parents very happy about shopping at your children’s boutique.