By And Large, Business Travel Is Not A Pleasurable Experience

Saturday, March 23, 2013
Business biking has become so accepted that a ample admeasurement of the accumulated apple of America is spending added time in airplanes and hotels than on their couches or in their automobiles.
According to a contempo estimate, about 40 actor adults in the US biking on business at atomic already a year to a area about 50 afar from home. Added than 20 percent of the trips fabricated by African Americans, for instance, are accompanying to their work.
Those who do not charge to biking frequently on business accede business biking alluring and exciting. However, in reality, business biking is generally arduous.
It is boxy physically, boxy on the family, and abnormally boxy on the pockets of businesspersons who do not accept the affluence of acceptable amount accounts to yield affliction of their biking expenses.
In addition, those who biking on business regularly, bound astute up to the actuality that a stress-free and safe adventure requires the bland activity of a amount of commutual factors, which includes the vagaries of the weather.
According to a abstraction conducted recently, ecology business biking trends:
- 58 percent of business biking is undertaken for affiliation affairs and conferences,
- 43 percent absolute of business biking fabricated by individuals,
- and 29 percent for accumulated meetings.
The abstraction aswell articular some of the a lot of accepted destinations aural the US for business travel. They are:
- Washington, D.C.,
- New York,
- Los Angeles/Long Beach,
- Chicago,
- Atlanta,
- Boston,
- Houston,
- Minneapolis-St. Paul,
- Detroit,
- and Dallas.
Irrespective of what the destination is, business biking is hardly an agreeable experience. Some companies will acquiesce their business travelers the befalling to adore their biking ambience but this is usually abbreviate lived depending on the demands of the trip.
Business travelers, who accept to accomplish common trips, charge appropriate accessories to affluence the hassles of traveling. Airlines and hotels are accretion the levels of casework they accommodate in adjustment to accommodated the growing demands of business travelers:
Usually, business travelers analysis fares on their own and accomplish their anxiety online. According to a survey, it was begin that alone 32 percent of accumulated travelers acclimated the casework of biking agents for their catch needs, while the rest, 68 percent, adopted application the internet or online casework to plan at atomic some allotment of their business traveling arrangements.
Business travelers are usually technologically conversant; hence, accept to handle all their traveling arrange through the Internet, attached the call of accepting to collaborate with biking agents and professionals ambidextrous with chump service.
Most tourism accompanying sites action one-stop biking accessories for anxiety of flights, booking apartment in hotels, and accouterment busline on the ground.
Major airlines like Delta and American accept included travel-friendly appearance like analysis bargain fares, award economical auberge accommodation, and hiring cars on a rental base inexpensively on their websites.
Travelers, thus, can accomplish arrange for an absolute business trip, which includes basement preferences, acknowledging appropriate aliment requests, and a argument bulletin or e-mail acceptance their flight cachet and advice about the abandonment timings with a few clicks of the abrasion button.
Most of these sites accommodate boarding passes that can be printed out and online check-ins aural 24 hours of the abandonment of the flight.
At the airport, those travelers in a bustle can yield advantage of check-in kiosks in adjustment not to accept to delay in continued lines, and get their boarding passes and their basement information.
Frequent Flyer Miles, Automated Upgrades, and Adequate Seating:
One of the better allowances of traveling frequently on business is the ability of accumulating points, which can be exchanged for vacations. Travelers, therefore, are consistently on the attending out for hotels alms acceptable credibility facilities.
Frequent air travelers aswell favor automated upgrades and abundance central the airplane, such as acceptable legroom and added accumulator accessories overhead. Business adventurer programs like EliteAccess provided by Continental Airlines action comforts like guarantees of no-middle-seat and upgrades to the aboriginal chic if possible.
Getting Amount for Money:
Companies are consistently abbreviating aerial costs by acid down on the biking allowances they accord their executives, while business travelers attending for means in which they can aerate their allowances to the fullest.
For example, several hotels action chargeless breakfasts, while others accommodate adulatory accessories such as a affable bite or acceptance their guests to accomplish chargeless continued ambit and bounded calls. Many hotels aswell action chargeless newspapers, tea and coffee.
Feeling at Home Far Abroad from Home:
Business travelers are so frequently abroad from home that they attending for casework that carbon their home comforts.
Although hotels are called primarily for amount and location, but business travelers apprehend home-like comforts like top superior toiletries, adequate bedding, choices in beverages, cable TV and films, broadband internet access, exercise and acceptable check-in/out facilities, and so on.

China Business Travel

According to the American Express Business Travel's additional analysis of accumulated biking administration account in China, the country will become the world's third-largest bazaar for accumulated biking aural 5 years. The analysis shows that the spending on all-embracing business biking by China approximates US$4.2 billion a year, which is 17 percent of the Asian bazaar for business travel. This figure, in accession to the spending on the calm business biking in China, adds up to about US$20 billion.

The advantageous advance of China's GDP is adequate to defended a two-digit acceleration in China's business biking bazaar in a few years. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the amount of Chinese business travellers will be 5 times as abounding as that at present. All-embracing biking account providers and all-around giants such as American Express, Kar Shun Travel, and Rosenbluth accept noticed the abeyant of China bazaar for business biking and accept fabricated appropriate into China.

Global business travellers are brash to attach to bounded business etiquettes. In Chinese business culture, bourgeois apparel are the norm. For business purposes, it is commonly adequate to alarm a Chinese being by the ancestors name, calm with a title, such as ""Director Li"". Avoid application someone's aboriginal name unless you apperceive him or her closely. Formality is a assurance of respect, and it is alive to analyze how you will abode anyone aboriginal in a relationship.

Business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. There is, however, a five-day workweek in beyond cities. Avoid visiting government offices on Friday afternoon because this is sometimes aloof for "political studying" of the officials. Offices are about bankrupt on accessible holidays including the Spring Festival, during which a lot of Chinese yield 5 canicule off; added holidays during which offices abutting cover Labor Day on May 1, and the National Day on October 1.

Mobile Technology Meets the Restaurant Industry

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Many industries can benefit from mobile technology - not just the industries that seem to go hand in hand with technological advances. One such industry that can join with mobile technology is the restaurant industry. This occurs because mobile technology offers innovative solutions that can make any industry run more smoothly by increasing the efficiency and productivity of that industry. QR Technology QR technology is one of the best ways by which the restaurant industry can benefit from mobile technology. To start with, you need to forget everything you know about QR technology. Most people have a very puerile and naïve understanding of this far-reaching technology. For example, what do you think of when someone says "QR"? You probably think of a black and white barcode. Did you know that QR codes don't need to be black, white, and boring? It is now possible to create custom-designed QR codes: codes that are colorful and creative. These codes allow you to blend designs with your company's logo, as well as background imagery, in order to create a code that truly stands out. What's more, QR codes do way more than what most people think they do. Many people think that QR codes simply bring a user to a website. This is a very limited understanding of QR technology; QR codes can actually do a number of different things. If you're in the restaurant business, you can use QR codes to do the following whenever someone scans a code: - Send a menu to someone's email - Send promotional coupons and specials to someone's cell phone - Display a detailed map explaining how to get to your restaurant - Provide photos of your food and atmosphere - Allow a user to watch a video advertisement of your restaurant - Allow a user to enter a contest And more! The sky is the limit when it comes to QR technology. This technology is incredibly versatile, and can be used to solve a multitude of problems. Smart Sites Smart sites provide a great opportunity to anyone in the restaurant industry: namely, the opportunity to own a website that can be altered at anytime by anyone... regardless of web know-how. This is indispensable to the restaurant industry; because restaurants are commonly adding and taking away meal specials and promotions, as well as commonly altering menu items, they need a website that is dynamic and alterable. If a restaurant's website is difficult and time-consuming to edit, that restaurant runs the risk of providing out-dated information that could potentially infuriate customers. More importantly, websites need to be able to be viewed on a mobile device. Many people browse the Internet on a mobile phone; therefore, it is very unwise to have a website that cannot be viewed on this device. Together, QR technology and mobile smart sites provide two unique sets of solutions that the restaurant industry can take full advantage of. Consider contacting a mobile solutions service today to find out how they can help your restaurant reach its full potential. Chris Jenkin, chief executive officer of Gotcha! Mobile Solutions, has always shown a key sense of business intelligence and an unmatched ambition for success. Studying at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Jenkin has been an entrepreneur since college, always looking to dedicate himself to bigger and better ventures. Chris is both a CEO and a writer, a businessman and a family man. He consistently and competently handles and delegates responsibilities, and constantly strives to achieve a perfect balance in his life. Jenkin is a practitioner of Bikram Yoga, and uses it to improve himself both inwardly and outwardly. Harnessing various aspects of self-improvement, Jenkin is always looking for ways to better both himself and his business as he constantly looks ahead to what life has to offer him next.

The Business March 20th 2013: The “So a Bishop and an Old Lady Walk Into The Business…” Edition

Monday, March 18, 2013

With a set-up like that, you just KNOW you’re in for wacky hijinks!!

This week we welcome back an old favorite before she becomes worm food.  

At age 77, Lynn Ruth Miller is a renaissance woman who wears many hats. She entertains audiences of all ages with comedy and song. She is living proof that the older you are, the more fun you have.Lynn Ruth is the host on two television programs on public access television, Channel 26 in Pacifica: “What’s Hot Between The Covers” (book reviews and interviews in the arts) and “Paint With Lynn” (a hands on creative arts series)

We are also happy to have, all the way from LA, the fabulous Pat Bishop.
Pat Bishop writes, produces, and directs sketches and other content at Funny Or Die, and performs stand-up across the country. He's super into ginger ale.  So he and Lynn Ruth already have a lot in common!

All these wonderful guests, plus your Business regulars Bucky “Chicken Crossin the Road” Sinister, Nato “Stupid Blonde” Green, Sean “Knock Knock” Keane and Caitlin “Yo Momma” Gill.  

This whole show is just $5!!! And you can bring a friend for freeeeeee!

Get there early!  WE SELL OUT.

BYOBurrito cause I ain’t sharin’ mine.  NO JOKE. 

Help Desk Hangouts: Google+ Profile and Page Update

Friday, March 15, 2013
Editor’s note: Each week on the Google+ Your Business page, we’re putting you in touch with Googlers and users who can help you as a business owner get the most out of our products and features.

In our latest Help Desk Hangout On Air, we chatted with +Navin Kadaba, who works on Google+. We walked through the updates to Google+ profiles and pages that rolled out last week, learning about the new, larger cover photo, the refreshed look and functionality of the About tab, and the new customizable tabs for profiles.

Miss the event? You can watch the whole thing on the Google and Your Business YouTube channel.

Check out the video description on the YouTube page for a minute-by-minute breakdown.

Some of the questions we answered during the Hangout:
What size photo should I upload as my new cover photo?
We recommend that you upload an image that is 960 x 540 px (16x9 aspect ratio). At a minimum, please select a photo that is 480 x 270 px. For HD displays, we’ll take a maximum resolution of 2120 x 1192 px.

What does the update look like on mobile?
This is a desktop-only update for now.

Any tips and tricks to making my page look good?
We’d recommend keeping the essential aspects of your cover photo toward middle, vertically. The bottom fifth of the cover photo will sometimes be covered by a dark gray bar, and when people visit the page, the top portion of the cover photo may not be visible. We also recommend uploading a large, zoomed out profile photo, so you can crop the photo to appear as you’d like.

All About Agricultural Marketing

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
The term agricultural marketing is comprised of two different words namely, agriculture and marketing. 'Agriculture', of course refers to the activities making use of natural resources for the welfare of society whereas 'Marketing' means looking after the marketing functions, channels and agencies etc. Agricultural marketing therefore, is a bridge between the farm and non-farm sectors. Discussed under are the core details of agricultural marketing. Take a look: Significance and Features of Agriculture Marketing As far as Indian agricultural scenario is concerned, the farmers have lately realized the importance of adopting new production techniques increased productivity. The Indian farmers are no more confined to produce as much needed for self-consumption but they now produce to serve the market at large and earn more and more revenue out of it. Agricultural marketing is thus registering its importance and significance all the more with the advent of modern agricultural patterns. Some of the major objectives of an effective agricultural marketing system are: -Provide best possible returns to primary producers. -Rendering enough facilities to pick up all the produce that the farmers are ready to sell off at an incentive price. -Minimize the price difference between the primary producer and end consumer. -Maintaining the quality of agro-products. Prerogatives for Agricultural Marketing There are certain prerogatives that every farmer needs to enjoy to make use of agricultural marketing in the best possible manner. some of these cardinal rights are discussed as under which says that every farmer needs to have: -Appropriate storage facilities for storing perishable farm goods. -Ample amount of waiting capacity to sell his goods. As in, a farmer should be able to have the privilege of selling his agricultural commodities as and when he wants. Unlike a situation where he has to sell off his entire produce just after the harvest at nominal prices. -They should be provided with cheap transport facilities so as to let them migrate their produce from village to main markets rather than selling it off in the to the village money-lenders at low prices. -Farmers should be well-equipped with the prevailing market conditions and ruling prices at a given point of time in the market. There should be fair and regulated market practices so that the farmers are not cheated by middlemen etc. -Intermediaries should be the minimum in between the farmers and end users. The lesser the middlemen's profit, the more the farmer's return would be.

The Business March 13, 2013: The “Hand or Mouth?” Edition

Monday, March 11, 2013
What!?!  It’s a perfectly valid question!  Our guests this week include one half of the brilliant pair that run Hand to Mouth, which is an excellent monthly show where comedians perform all new material on a specific social, cultural or political issue. One show, one topic.  Juicy stuff like commercialism, technology, gender and conspiracy theories.  Check one out the first Friday of the month at 10.  Until then, bring your hands and mouths to The Business to see Trevor Hill!
Trevor’s humor oscillates between deeply personal material about homeless family members and adolescent trauma to absurd vignettes about Bolivian Phil Collins fans and bayou-dwelling pornographers. He has been described as inventive, candid, engrossing and infertile. 

And that’s not all!
 “Three goats are playing soccer. Christopher Hitchens, driving an armored car with a huge, blunt lance attached to the front, chases them off the field while chuckling eruditely to himself.” – These are the dreams of Matt Louv.  Find more of his subconscious musings at find him at The Business this week!
Plus, a set from Lyall Berhens!  Use your hands to put THAT in your pipe and smoke it with your mouth!

These fabulous guests plus your regulars, Sean “Handyman” Keane, Bucky “The Mouth” Sinister and Caitlin “Talk to the Hand ‘cause the Mouth Ain’t Listenin” Gill.

Just $5!  This whole show is just $5! AND you can bring a friend for free with these nifty coupons!

BYOBurrito.  Carry it with your mouth and eat it with your hands.  VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.

Fueling discoverability and engagement with Google+

Cross-posted with the Inside AdWords blog.

Automotive brands were among the first advertisers to adopt Google+ and they’re making it pay off in big ways. Our research has shown that the path to buying a car is becoming more and more social, with consumers relying on information and advice from their social connections and brands to inform their purchase. Millions of consumers are already engaging with the top global auto companies on Google+, and brands are using this opportunity to connect and engage with customers in unique ways, from connecting with auto enthusiasts through G+ Communities to launching new car models via Hangouts.

Today we’re releasing new insights on how Google+ is working to amplify auto brands’ existing marketing campaigns. For example, we found that brands can experience a 91% increase in conversion rate for non-brand terms when running social annotations on search ads.

Please check out our infographic below for additional insights and tips, and visit our Google+ Business site to learn more about Google+.

The Business March 6th, 2013: The “OMG you’re a Pisces too?!?” Edition.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Business staff Astrologer (full time, executive position) has cautioned us that gathering this many Pisces in one location could be an attempt by the stars to assemble a monstrous VoltronFish that would terrorize the world.  Mainly by being really moody and sensitive, but the world would put up with it cause it would have a creative spirit.  

Warnings of monsterfish from the 12 Sign aside, we are gonna party Business style to celebrate the birthdays of regulars Nato Green and Caitlin Gill, as well our guests, Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor!!

Johnny Taylor uses sharp wit, and off-beat sensibilities to communicate his sometimes tragic life experiences in a hilarious way.  He has opened for some of the biggest names in stand-up comedy, including Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brian Posehn, Wayne Federman, and more.  They all wish him a very happy birthday.  

Keith Lowell Jensen has found a very unique niche in comedy. He is the non-pot smoker that performs at pro-marijuana legalization benefits. He is the straight host of The Gay and Lesbian Comedy Show. He is the non-disabled founder and sometimes host of The Comedians With Disabilities Act, and he is the atheist member of the multi-faith comedy show about religion, The Coexist? Comedy Tour. Yes, Keith Lowell Jensen the Non-Pot Smoker, Non-Gay, Non-Religious, Non-Disabled comedian has become a professional token. The one thing he does just like everyone else is get old. 
Also a set from Bryce Jones! Bryce sounded like a smart 20 year when he was performing in clubs at 14.  Now that he is a smart (almost) 20 year old, he sounds like THE FUTURE.

All these wonderful guests and your regulars, Nato “Birthday Boy” Green, “CumpleañosGill, Sean “Yo MOMMA’S birthday” Keane, and Bucky “Belated BUT NOT BELEAST” Sinister.

Just $5!  And you can bring a friend for free!


BYOBurrito, put a candle in it.  Then put a ring on it. COMMIT ALREADY, YOU’RE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. 

Looking for Ways to Grow Your Business Online? Meet Friday 15

In 15 minutes, you could clip coupons, wash dishes, fold laundry, dance to your favorite song... three times, or you could learn some new tips to help your business succeed on the web. Businesses that are online grow faster.* Make it a habit to grow your business online with Friday 15, a series designed to help small businesses make the most of their online presence.

Friday 15 answers questions small business owners need to know, like: How should I choose the pictures on my website? How can I monitor my business online? What should my website be called? How should I handle a bad review? What information should I include on my website?

If you want to learn more about growing your business online, visit for training videos and tip sheets. You can also tune in to live discussions with industry experts during the Get Your Business Online team’s Friday 15 Google+ Hangouts. Each episode is 15 minutes or less and will provide you with tools, tips, and practical use-cases to help grow and promote your business online. The series is open to everyone. All you need to join us is a computer and an internet connection. The Hangouts air every other Friday on +Google+ Your Business at 11:00a.m. PT/2:00p.m. ET. Watch this Friday, March 8th, for a discussion on optimizing your website.

Friday 15 is brought to you by Get Your Business Online with Google, an initiative to help small businesses get online and succeed online. Visit the Friday 15 page at for directions on how to watch a Hangout and sign up to receive Friday 15 tips, news, event notifications and more.

*Source: BCG Report, "The Connected World: The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity," March 2012

Search for the Best Agriculture Jobs Online

Friday, March 1, 2013
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